Kevin Satterfield

Best hardware store in Charleston, very friendly staff and they have things the big brand stores don't carry.

Stephen Houmard

I'm a local Home Inspector and I like to refer my clients to this hardware store because of service. It is a hub of activity and a wealth of knowledge. If you NEED to fix something right go to True Value on Foley Rd.

Jennings Ranch

They are super friendly and helpful. I needed a spring for my gardening clippers that fit and wouldn't be a hand workout, and the employee was so nice! If you want something they don't have in stock, they'll order it for you and you can come by in a couple of days and pick it up. They will help you any way they can.

Laura Davis

Always so helpful... with everything. From large equipment rentals (this is my go to place) to the spot for any hardware, DIY projects and purchases. Staff is really knowledgeable, and always super helpful. I'm a "project person," always with some major project or another going on. My partner and I have several small businesses and properties to maintain. This place is like my secret weapon for tackling the seemingly impossible. It's amazing what one can do with the right tools!

Sean Carroll

Great store, wide variety of products. Live chicks in spring!!!!

Kirk Kirkland

Friendly and helpful!

M. Berry

So great to work with. They had what I wanted and knew exactly where I could find everything. Reasonable prices, friendly, knowledgeable staff. The anti-big box store.

Clifford Moore

Old school hardware. price and quality along with a helpful knowledgeable staff. Far outweighs HD and Lowe's.

Dustin Ryan

Always my first stop when needing things, they have the friendliest and most helpful staff who actually know what they are talking about. From household needs to boat trailer rebuilding parts and everything in between, there is no better store in the area.

Drew Carter

Good Service ! Plenty of materials and a Great rental program !  


I am fairly new to Charleston. With as much caution and at times fearmongering that happens with hurricane storms, our local True Value on James Island goes WAY above and beyond to ensure our peace of mind :)!! They open early, stay late and stay open when the big boys refuse to (corporate stores). I am so grateful for their exemplary service overall. Beyond that, their store is very large and well stocked with items larger stores can’t carry, as True Value specializes in hardware and more. You’ve made another loyal lifetime customer!!