Easy Tips For Using a Sno Kone machine

Easy Tips For Using a Sno Kone machine

Let’s be honest: A summer party in the hot sun isn’t complete without sno kones. While simple to make, they are a delicious addition to any occasion and the machine is easy to rent. Here are the simple steps to making a sno kone:

Clean out the container
Be sure to clean out the glass case that holds the sno kones before you start.

Turn on the machine

When the machine is all cleaned out, it’s time to start it up. Put the ice into the port and press the ice down into the blades using the cover. Watch it shave ice right before your eyes. Never stick anything but ice down into the port.

Scoop it out

Take the ice scooper and put the shaved ice into one of the paper cones. Pack the top in tight just like you would with ice cream.

Apply the flavoring

You should have some pre-mixed sno kone flavors at your disposal. Apply however much you want on the ice and you’re ready to go.