Complete Your Own Home Projects

Complete Your Own Home Projects

It’s easy to feel cooped up inside after a few months of winter. With winter months winding down it's a great time to embark upon an indoor home improvement project or two! Whether you want to get creative or just keep it simple, this article details a few ideas that will have you busy and productive.


We know you’ve definitely heard this one before. “Organizing” as a concept can be pretty daunting, especially when you’ve got a house full of rooms full of drawers full of stuff … right? Well, that’s why we suggest breaking down your organizing projects into more manageable, bite-sized chunks. You can even organize by theme or topic, which makes the project a bit more fun. For example, start by organizing that one drawer in your kitchen where you’re supposed to keep the scissors but never seem to find them there. Pick up a few drawer organizers and start categorizing the most useful items into each space. Anything that isn’t useful? Get it out of there! Soon enough, you’ll have a drawer so immaculately organized that the scissors couldn’t hide from you if they tried. Want to start with something more fun? Take a crack at sorting through that box of family photos you’ve had for ages. Find a binder from your home office and pick up some sheets of plastic photo sleeves and voilà! Boxed to beautiful! If you tackle each organizational project one at a time like this, you’ll find they get done much more quickly with a lot less frustration.


Painting is a surefire and easy way to lift the mood in any room, and lift the spirits of you and your family at the same time! If you can, get the whole family involved: throw down a drop cloth, put some tunes on the radio, and give everyone a paintbrush! Don’t forget to use easily removable tape in the corners and around outlets to keep the edges looking crisp. And don’t be afraid to try a bold new color this time! If the room you’re painting has plenty of windows, go for a steely dark blue or grey. The windows will let in plenty of light to keep the room from looking dark, but the effect will be a cozy, cave-like space that will be comfy and chic. Or perhaps you have a piece of statement furniture you’d like to highlight. Choose a neutral color for most of the room, and then choose a bolder color for the wall that piece of furniture sits against. To highlight a gold table, for instance, go for a bright, royal blue on the table’s wall and choose an ultra-light, buttery yellow for the remaining walls. Don’t forget about wallpaper, as well—choose a fun, quirky print and use it to spruce up one wall, or choose a softer print for the entire room.

Re-Finish a Piece of Furniture

Antiquing is a great, low-budget way to give a room in your home a completely different feel. However, lots of inexpensive pieces you’ll find at antique shops might require finishing of some kind … which is what makes the whole project fun! Go in search of some old wooden chairs to replace those at your kitchen table, and then find a fabric that matches your kitchen’s theme to re-upholster them with. This can be easily done with a few standard tools such as a flathead screwdriver and needle-nose pliers, along with a staple gun or something similar. If you don’t want to take on re-upholstery, pull out those paints again! Painting a chipping or faded wooden piece, such as a dresser or side table, makes for a gorgeous statement piece with minimal effort. Of course, you can also simply finish a wooden antique for a look that is polished, yet homey.